Visitors' Contributed Pictures

It's very gratifying to hear visitors' kind comments about the Mount Carmel website and even more so when they send in old photos & memories that mean something to them and would like to share with others.

Here are some of those photos along with my thanks:


Hi, Jeff:

Being the descendant of Irish and Ukrainian anthracite miners, I found your Mount Carmel website of great interest. Dad was from Mount Carmel and mom from Atlas (Exchange), both the children of coal mining families.

On my dad's side, the Brennans of Shamokin were a large, politically connected family. I've attached a photo; I believe it's dated about 1915. The patriarch of the family (and my great grandfather), Edward William Brennan II, was a mine supervisor, Democratic party leader and Coal Township treasurer. His first born, Edward William Brennan III, was a WWI veteran and Northumberland County sheriff. And my grandfather, John A. "Jack" Brennan, was a foreman at the Cameron (later Glen Burn) colliery. From left to right:

Front row: Thomas, Agatha (in Mary's lap), William.
Middle row: Agnes, Magdalen, Edward W. Brennan II, Mary Ellen (Boyle) Brennan, James, Edward III, Kathryn. Back row: Lawrence, John (my grandfather), Anna, Veronica, Mayme, Patrick

Thank you for helping to keep Mount Carmel's heritage alive.

Kevin Brennan


Hi Jeff;

   I found your Mt. Carmel sight while researching the name Feifer from Mt. Carmel. I have 3 very old photos that I would love to find family members that would be interested in having them. 


The 1st is a picture of an Adam Feifer the back states that he was in a play. The 2nd photo is of a Feifer wedding and the notation on the back says the bride is Agnes. The third photo is a graduation picture of a young woman there is no identification / name of the woman. It says Class of 40 and it was taken at Akelaitis Studio in Mt. Carmel Pa.  I'm attaching copies of the photos with the hopes that you will post them to your sight and perhaps with the exposure we can find  some family that might like to have them.

Thank You for your help!

Brenda O'Brien O'Rourke


Hi Jeff... 

I was reviewing a website for Mt Carmel and came across all of your old photos posted. My grandmother,  who passed back in 1957, was from Mt Carmel.  Her younger sister, Violet,  now about 85, just moved to North Carolina.  I was able to make connection with many family members, including Violet.  One of them gave me an original wedding picture, much like the one you have posted, of my grandparents.  It's in the original paper frame, virtually like new,  with the Mt Carmel inscription (Akelaitis Studio) at the bottom.  It must have been taken about 1937. I would love it if you could add that picture,  along with my great Grand parents,  who settled in My Carmel from Poland, to the collection of photos.   I have attached two images of the same wedding photo. The one with the full frame shows the name of the studio it was taken at in Mt Carmel, which is no longer there.  But the other is a closer shot, maybe a better picture but without the Mt Carmel signature. 


This picture was taken approximately 1937, the wedding of my grandparents, Steve Karpinski and Thelma Klemaszewski (couple on the right).  Thelma passed in 1957 and Steve passed in 1966.  The bridesmaid is my grandmother's older sister, Mary Klemaszewski Ditzler, who is 97 and still living in Lancaster, PA.  God Bless her!  It is unknown who the gentleman on the left is.  This photo was given to me by the daughter of Julie Klemaszewski, an older sister of both Thelma and Mary, who passed in 2010 at the age of 99.  Julie cherished this picture since it was taken.  The Klemaszewski family was raised in Mt Carmel, PA by Peter and Leona Klemaszewski. 


From left to right: 

Sisters Mary, Thelma (Tillie) and Julie taken probably during the 30s or 40s.  

Peter and Leona Klemaszewski  from Poland who settled in Mt Carmel and raised 9 kids there.  My great grandfather was a coal miner who eventually died from black lungs in the 40s.  Leona died in the 60s.  

My great grandmother Leona Klemaszewski (on the right) and her sister Mary Dudzinski (left - sitting) 

My grandmother Thelma (Tillie) and her sister Mary - taken sometime in the 20s, growing up in Mt Carmel.  

The children of my grandparents Steve and Thelma Karpinski ....Larry, Dolly and Patty (my mother). 

Thanks so much. 

Joe Costantino



I live in Michigan but my Dad grew up in Atlas in the 1920s and 30s. His Grandfather, Michael Halkowicz, ran the PO in atlas and was also an agent for people coming to the area from Europe at the turn of the last century.


Attached is a baseball photo of my great uncle, John Halkowicz,  who was a catcher for several area clubs in the 1920s. He is listed as Halk in the photo. Feel free to post it.



Steve Kulmatycki



These are old pictures of some of my family from Mt. Carmel.

To the left is my Great Grandmother, Anne Zupka, to the right is my Great-Great Uncle Jaque Zupka holding my Father (Charles P. Moleski) when he was a baby. These pictures were taken in 1919 and 1920 near their home on Plum and the Avenue (I think it was East Avenue, but they just called it "The Avenue"), down near the sh** creek. I never knew my Great Grandmother or my Great-Great Uncle Jacque as they were already passed when I was born, but I have fond memories of the home on Plum street where my Great Aunt Tillie Zupka lived until she passed in 1966. I remember even as a teenager there was always something for the kids to do, especially in the summer. Block Parties, dances, movies. Swimming at Reichwines (not sure of that spelling) Bob Shoppie from accross the sh** creek, Johanna Smith on Plum street and many more. Those were the days. Even the "Atlas Boys" and dancing at the Atlas Legion.


Hey Jeff,

My family lived and worked in Mt.Carmel for as long as I can remember. Many still live in Mt.Carmel or the surrounding area.

Many years ago, while visiting the First National Bank on Oak Street with my Mother, I noticed that one of the people in the photographic wall mural appeared to be my Grandfather.

It seems that although our family had been banking at the First National for years, no one had paid any attention to the photos on the wall. The photo shows several miners coming off the colliery lift at one of the mines outside of town, I can't specify a date, but believe that the photos were taken sometime in the forties.

Some time during the late sixties or early seventies, I heard the news of the banks closing and possible demolition. This would mean the destruction of the mural.

I made a special trip back home to Mt. Carmel and received approval from the bank's manager to "re-photograph" the mural for our family.


Soon after, I distributed copies of the photos to the family and found that they were wishing all along that someone would "save the mural", and thanked me for my efforts.

About a year ago my Uncle Joe (Shupinski) Shepard, now living in Fishkill, NY, the youngest son of Alec Shupinski, asked if I had visited your web site and would I send you a copy of the photos for inclusion in your Historic Photo section.

Well, I finally got the images scanned into my system and decided to forward them to you.

I have no idea who the others in the photo are but I would like to hear from anyone that recognizes the others pictured.

Many thanks for an enjoyable trip into the past,

John Kolego (son of Gertrude Shupinski-Kolego)
2457 Freetown Drive
Reston, VA 20191



My name is Doreen Houck ( ). My family has deep roots in Mt. Carmel back to my great-great grandparents who settled there from Poland. I don't know if you're accepting any family photos but I felt they would be a significant contribution to the Mt. Carmel collection due to the historical value they could have for these families. Below are photos sent to me from a cousin Lois of a wedding party in Mt. Carmel about 1931 of Charles Saduski to Florence Brinski. My grandfather and great-grandfather are in these photos.  Most of the people are from the Kornacki-Gorsky-Saduski-Brinski (Berzinski)-Zima-Radzai-Danilowicz-Pulaski families of Mt. Carmel.
Wish we knew who all the children were. 



This is a Family Portrait of my great-great grandparents and there 13 children, including my grandmother - The Pulaski Family of Mt. Carmel (Frank Pulaski was a Councilman for Mt. Carmel and member of St. Joseph's Church)

This is a portrait of my great-great grandfather Joseph Brzezinski (Berzinski)

Does anyone recognize the significance of the lapel pin?


I just found your Mt. Carmel website and have a picture or two to contribute if you're interested.  My Dad, Ken Adams, worked many years ago on a mine fire that was located on the end of Mt. Carmel.   I don't know the years.  You may have to research that.   I may have some other pictures to send after I look through my parents collection.   
Thanks,   Jan (Adams) John ( )    Mt. Carmel High School, Class of 1955




My name is Richard Broadway I have some ptotos of a church that burned around 1991. My Gradparnets where from Mt. Carmel and now layed to rest back in Mt. Carmel. My mother was also born there. I spent a lot of summers there as child and feel like it is my second home. Great job on the web site. I still have family in and around Mt. Carmel. Hope you can use these pictures. My e-mail is

(It was Sts. Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Church on Avenue and Beech Sts.)  A terrible fire.



I haven't lived in Mount Carmel since 1955, but I came across your Web site and thought I'd send a couple of photographs from the'50's for your collection.  The two pictures of firefighters battling a winter blaze were taken about 1952--the fire occurred at what was then the Grossman department store, which I believe is now the site of the town library.  The picture of the Mount Carmel--Shamokin cheerleaders was taken at a Thanksgiving football game, probably about 1952 or 1953.


Greg Stark ( )



Many more to come!

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